Prison Fit?

Hopefully you won’t need ever need this but just in case…

This truckie down in Melbourne was filmed stopped at a railway crossing doing some recline rows on the back of his truck.

He also mentioned before the bloke behind him shot the footage he’d busted out a few push ups in his cabin.

Said it’s based on a prisoner workout book where you use the body as your gym.

Pretty cool.

Except for the prison part right?

Anyways, you know by now that I’m a big fan of bodyweight workouts.

Just like this truckie.

And that’s why most of the stuff we do here at DPM uses your own body weight in some way or another.

Why bother with a bunch of fancy stuff that looks pretty but does little when you can be effective with not much at all.

That’s why DPMers get some pretty cool results.

Cause they do what works.

And I want to share some of the stories with you next week.

So if this sounds like something you’d like to get in on for 2016 I’ll save you the jail time.

We can do it outside instead.

In the freedom of the fresh sunshine! 

Answer these couple of questions in the link below and I can lock in your start date for first week back in January.


And I’ll even shout you some home workout programs to keep you ticking over until then.

PLUS you’ll also receive my 3 Day Detox Diet book posted out to you.

So you’re ready to hit the ground running come January.

Or get a pretty damn good headstart now!

Go to the link below now, take 2 minutes and answer the questions so I know what you want


See you soon. 



PS – here’s the footage if you’re interested


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