Promise I Won’t Go All Gwyneth On You

Did you see the story yesterday where Gwyneth Paltrow went nuts at her personal trainer?

While the ‘going nuts’ was over a decade ago it only made the news yesterday and made me shake my head.

Apparently she was out with her trainer and the trainer starting chowing into some cookies dipped in icing.

Or something like that.

And she of Shallow Hal fame went nuts about her trainer eating that ‘toxic’ food.

How could you?!

Why would you put that in your body?!



She really has lost the plot Gwyneth.

Here’s the deal.

Both you and I know that a cookie isn’t exactly the best food in the world.

But really, is it going to be the most toxic thing we do to our body?

Of course not.

Is it going to be the difference between losing those last couple of kgs or stacking those same couple of kgs on?


Unless you’re munching down the cookies faster than the cookie monster from Sesame Street.

Day in and day out.


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Truth be told, I love a good cookie every now and then.

How good are the Chocolate Mud cookies from Whisk and Pin?

Combine that with a long black at a good cafe and you’ve won me over.

But I can’t remember the last time I had one. Not in the last month or two anyway.

Not because I’m ‘trying to be good’.

But cause it’s a rarity.

Just like any cheat meal.

When you join Team DPM you’ll discover that how to get your cheat meals working for you.

Whether it be the devils cookie as Gwyneth would have you believe or even a few drinks.

Whatever your ‘poison’ you’ll learn how to actually help make you leaner.

And you won’t have to count any bloody calories like those macros people will have you believe.


Click here to answer these couple of questions and I’ll be in touch.

And maybe Gwyneth should stick to acting rather than judging what people are eating.

Just saying….



PS – that article is here if you missed it

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