Public Service Announcement

This may not be the public service announcement done in the Jay Z style (great song by the way) but I had a request to write about this after a discussion on Tuesday with some of the DPM Diamonds.

Somehow the topic of moustaches and beards came up.

Now, cause we’re in the middle of Movember I can’t hate on moustaches – but those hipster beards – well it’s time to get the message out.

Seems these DPM Diamonds aren’t too keen on the hipsters and their beards.

Or the blokes wearing skinny jeans or jeans that last fit when you were in high school and now come half way up your calves.

So if your man is a sufferer of lack-of-shaveitis or, if their jeans are too skinny, or if in fact you are a man reading this, consider this the friendly tap on the shoulder that your colleagues are too embarrassed to mention…

Light hearted humour aside, there is a point behind this.

Apart from the DPM Diamonds not being a fan of hipsters.

As of January there’s going to be a different branch of DPM emerging.

So rather than just focus on helping busy women like you get back in your skinny jeans (fellas – skinny jeans are only ok for ladies!) there’s going to be a new branch focusing on the fellas.

Just not the hipsters.

But the dads who work hard long hours and find that since having kids their own fitness gets left behind.

Which is good for nobody.

Especially the kids.

Ever since I became a Dad I’ve realised that nothing can replace the time I spend (or don’t spend) with Emily.

And it’s time to help other Dads find that right balance between work, kids and health so they can actually be around for their wedding day or to see grandkids.

And I know what it’s like for your Dad to miss your wedding. It sucks.

All without having to give up the beer (or the bundys).

So if this just does happen to be you – or if your other half fits into this category – I’m going to be reactivating my old blog and posting stuff daily for the fellas only – as well as sending out bloke specific info just for them each day – much like you get here.

You (or them if you can forward this onto them please) can get on the daily inside mail for blokes who want to discover how to manage work, prioritise your kids and get rid of that beer gut without having to give up the amber fluid here.

Think I’ll even start next week so spread the word and get the fellas on board.



PS – if you are a guy who happens to read this I recommend unsubscribing from this so you don’t have to hear me ramble on about the skinny jeans and how to shrink your bingo wings and you can sign up here for the bloke specific ‘beer drinking allowed’ tips to shrink the gut and be there for your kids when they grow up.

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