Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse?

No, not the daily ritual of dodging muppets too self absorbed in updating their every minute on Facebook when you’re walking on the footpath.

I’m talking about the real zombie apocalypse.

Although you could be forgiven if you were thinking about the zombies on their phones you gotta dodge each day on the way to work.

Am I right?

Us humans are probably breeding ourselves out of existence anyways if the zombies don’t get us first.

Anyways, I came across an article on how to evade the zombies when they decide to take over the world.

By parquor.

You ever heard of that?

It’s a fancy way for saying French craze where people jump over things in society.

Like walls and benches etc and doing it in a fancy way.

Yep, it’s a pretty simple description but it’s pretty accurate don’t you think?

Parquor is actually pretty cool to see when you watch the ‘pros’ do it.

They use their body to pull themselves up and over things.

Kinda like crossfit except you don’t have to update your Facebook status when you check in.

Basically they use their body in a practical way to do stuff that will help them.

Just like we do here at Team DPM.

We use bodyweight exercises like our parquor friends,

just without all the fancy bits added.

* So it’s perfect for someone who may have been out of the ‘game’ for a little while.

* For someone who may be a bit too intimidated to join a crossfit class where everyone seems to be super athletes getting flogged.

It’s where the average Jane fits right in.

And a couple of average Joes too.

You don’t have to be embarrassed about where you’re at.

Cause everyone is just doing their thing to get better.

No egos either.

So it’s helping you get back in them skinny jeans.

Or get those arms to where they don’t keep jiggling long after you’ve stopped waving.

Or even to get ready to outrun the zombies when they come.

Want to beat them zombies?

Answer these couple of questions in the link below and I can lock in your start date for first week back in January. 


And I’ll even shout you some home workout programs to keep you ticking over until then. 

PLUS you’ll also receive my 3 Day Detox Diet book posted out to you. 

So you’re ready to hit the ground running come January. 

Or get a pretty damn good headstart now! 

Go to the link below now, take 2 minutes and answer the questions so I know what you want 


See you soon. 




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