Relax Or Go Postal?

Don’t you hate it when someone tells you to relax.

Especially when some dumbarse has pushed your buttons to the point where you can almost understand how the term ‘going postal’ came about?

Yep, sometimes people can be that dumb.

But it seems there’s a few things that can work for relaxing us.

And it all comes back to doing stuff that we used to do as a kid.

You’ve probably seen the colouring in books for adults that seem to be the rage.

Or personally for me, I like using Emily’s colouring in books.

You know what else I found to really relax me?

Blowing bubbles.


She loves it and I find it strangely relaxing.

But it makes sense I guess.

I came across this article last week about how origami is the new colouring in.

Apparently the intense focus that you need for it helps release anxiety.

Or so some smart professor type bloke thinks.

Personally, I reckon that’d cause more frustration cause you’d end up getting the shits and screwing up the piece of paper then pegging it across the room.

But maybe I just need to go and blow some bubbles or something…

You know what else really helps?

Getting back into action again and getting the ‘feel good’ endorphins released throughout the brain.

How do you get that you may ask?

Apart from our favourite time of the week – wine o’clock?

From joining Team DPM of course.

Answer these couple of questions in the link below and I’ll be in touch to see if I can help stop you from reaching that ‘going postal’ moment.


It’ll cross off a few bases – like you’re pants getting looser, everyone commenting that you’re no longer walking around like you want to kill someone and you’ll enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror again too.





PS – here’s the article if you’re interested 


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