Save this email. (No really, you’re going to need it)?

So judging from my ‘hey’ email a couple of days ago, chances are you’re struggling to lose those last few kgs.

Or get back in the saddle again.

I get it.

Really I do.

To be honest, the last thing I sometimes feel like doing is my allocated training session that day.

Yes it’s true.

I don’t exactly love exercise these days. 

You don’t have to ether.

And I definitely don’t do exercise everyday.

You don’t either.

BUT I know that I HATE being FAT more than the thought of exercising.


And I’ve been there too.


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So that’s my reason.

And cause I don’t want to end up dead like my Dad at 53.

There’s too much too miss.

So I wanted to make it easier for you with this message today.

I’ve got it down into 5 simple things you need to do to help you finally lose those kgs.

This might just be my most valuable email to you this year cause it’s not just pie in the sky bullshit.

It’s real stuff that breaks down what works and what you should do now.


# 1)

– Sounds simple but actually work out how much weight you want to lose

– Or what jeans you want to fit back into 

– Or the date you need to get the above done by


# 2)

– Look in your diary as it stands – not in a perfect week – or not as it should be when things settle down

– But as they stand NOW

– Cause we all know that despite our best intentions shit just don’t get done if we’re not realistic 


# 3)

– Work out when you want it done by (as mentioned in #1) then split the time you have to do it into 3.

– Lets say you’ve got 3 months to make maths easy

– You’ve got a 1 month benchmark, a 2 month benchmark and the final date target to hit

– this allows you to break down things into more realistic time frames and targets so you know what you should have done by when.

– It makes you accountable and helps you realise if you’re on track or need to pull your finger out


# 4)

– Follow the 3 Day Detox Diet that all DPMers have access to

It’s now in hard copy format and I want to give you a copy.


# 5) 

– Turn up when you say you will

– Or get it done some other way if something stops that happening 

– Basically do what you said you would do

Interested to get the ball rolling in this last month before Christmas?

Answer the couple of questions on the NEW LOOK form.

I’ve made easier for you to tell me what you want.


It’ll take you 2 minutes.

And this 2 minutes could change your year.





PS – So like I said, save this email, flag it, do whatever you do with the emails you want to remember and come back to it.

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