Shake It Off

Tay Tay does it again.
Taylor Swift I mean.
Now I ain’t gonna hate on her. Far from it.
(Just quietly between you and me, gotta admit that some of her songs are pretty catchy)
Now if you’re still with me and I haven’t lost all your respect after that admission I’ll get to my point.
You may be wondering what Taylor Swift has to do with that age old mission that we’re on to finally get rid of that extra flab that’s hanging around your belly?
Or with finding a way that allows us to finally get them jeans up over your thighs and to actually do that button up again?
Well you may be surprised with this.
Seems a bloke in the States lost 180kg – yes not a misprint – and he reckons that listening to Taylor Swift helped him do it.


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Which brings me to the main take home.
Doesn’t matter whether your go-to is ‘we are never getting back together’ or ‘shake it off’ or something more along my lines either the 80’s hair band rock or or a bit of Jay Z type rap.
The main thing is it can be motivating.
It can help you pump out that intensity that little bit harder.
If that is the difference between you getting up and doing something or giving it another miss then it’s a no-brainer.
Crank them tunes.
Now, i don’t always work out to music but I find that when I do it can definitely help.
Especially if I am not really feeling it to begin with.
YES that does happen.
I’m definitely not some robot type-exercise loving junkie.
Like I’ve mentioned before I do it so I don’t get fat.
Simple as that.
Cause I know where I’ll end up if I don’t get up and move my arse.
You may not have to lose as much weight as our Taylor loving mate in the States but the main thing is you crank them tunes if thats what is going to get you moving.
No matter what others think.
Just get it done.
Just do me a favour if you’re working out in a public place and listening to some doof-doof put the headphones on!
(Showing my age now – kids these days and their music hey…)
Wonder if Taylor will write a song about him or does she just save that for her exes?

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