Shock: I Agree With A Nutritionist?!

I nearly choked on my long black yesterday when I read this article in the Sunday Tele that had me agreeing with a nutritionist!

Now, if you are a regular reader of  this blog and my previous blog over here you will realise that I pretty much stand for what most nutritionists oppose.

They tell people to focus on whole grains and processed breads and cereals. I tell people to eat real food and cut out the processed crap.

They tell people to eat low fat foods, I tell people to once again eat real food – which in its unprocessed form can often be high in fat (which is actually good for us).

So when I read this nutritionist disagreeing with the new rule in some childcare centres forcing kids to switch from full fat milk to light milk I had to read the paragraph again to make sure I read it right.

Quoting straight from the article:

Nutritionist Dr Kieron Rooney, from the Sydney University School of Health Sciences, said the measures were counterproductive: “What ends up happening is you take whole milk, which is a good food and nutritious, and ­encourage children to drink the low-fat version and then parents say the kids won’t drink low-fat milk that is plain so they end up drinking flavoured low-fat milk. Evidence that low-fat dairy is a healthier option than full-fat dairy does not exist. I don’t think full-cream dairy is the reason children are overweight.”

Take a bow Dr Rooney. You are 100% spot on. Kids aren’t fat because they drink full cream milk.

Once again this mind numbing decision to dodge the real issue of kids obesity is just a joke.

Never mind the fact that parents are feeding their kids soft drinks and fast foods at earlier and earlier ages on a regular basis.

Never mind the fact that the kids aren’t getting in enough exercise and playing time.

Let’s blame the childcare centres for serving full fat milk.

God help us.

But Dr Rooney hits the nail on the head. Forcing these kids to drink low fat milk just increases their intake of sugars as, like with any food that is modified from its regular, full fat format, is packed with sugars, sweeteners and flavours (as in the example mentioned above – flavoured milk) to replace the taste that the fat gives.

So the moral of the story is to keep feeding your kids full fat food – just give them a balanced healthy diet and let them run around and play and exercise – and ignore what the muppets in control are telling us.

And yes, surprise, surprise, even I can agree with a nutritionist every now and then!

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