Shot Gun Bullets & Man Buns

‘Cause shot gun bullets are bad for your health’

Pick that rhyme.

Ice Cube in Check Yo Self for the old school rap fans playing along out there.

But it seems there’s something else that’s not too great for your health either…

Man buns.

A study done on dermatologists has found that man buns could be doing more than just providing future generations with an opportunity to take the piss.

Side note – You know that man buns and hipster beards will be like we view mullets now right?

Anyways, men who pull their hair back tightly into a bun can cause irreversible damage to their hairline.

IE make us go bald.

Same goes for women too apparently.

Pulling the hair back too tight is not good and can cause damage.

Somehow I don’t think that’s sent me bald but it’s a point worth noting maybe.

Either way though, man buns and shot gun bullets aren’t the only things that are bad for your health.

The ostrich syndrome is the big danger.

You know what I mean?

Sticking your head in the sand and pretending there isn’t a problem.

That it doesn’t matter if those pants are getting tighter and tighter.

That it doesn’t matter that you get out of breath running for a bus when you used to be able to do it easy.

That it doesn’t really matter if you can’t lose that weight you wanted to shift cause you can justify it with ‘I’m not as big as she is’.

But truth is, the old ostrich syndrome is the killer that creeps up on us.

Cause a few kgs this year might not be much.

But if we don’t put the hand break on and call STOP a few kgs from this year, combined with last years few kgs and so on adds up.

Next thing you wake up one day, shit yourself cause you’re 10-20kg more than when you were at your happiest.

If you’re happy cool.

But if it’s getting in the way of doing what you want to do.

And enjoying the life you want to enjoy,

then it’s time.

Change has to happen.

And now, before we put on the extra Christmas kilos that everyone stacks on.

Answer these couple of questions and I can help you get back on track before we break for Christmas.


So your public service announcement for today is simple:

Say no to man buns.

And come join me to help get back on track




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