Sleeping Like A Baby

Have you ever looked at a little kid and just thought 

‘I’d love to have your life’

You know where you can have a nap every day after lunch.

Where you can get to bed early.

Where you don’t have to worry about work or bills.

Or your bet getting done in the last minute of the game.

Maybe that last one’s just me.

But how good is sleep.

Nothing beats a good nights sleep.

Well almost nothing.

But how good does it feel to actually wake up in the morning and not feel like you’ve been hit by a truck before your day even starts?

Or is that something you struggle with?

I know I could do with an extra hour each day (I’d even settle with an extra 30 minutes or that nanna nap after lunch).

But here’s a few things that have been clinically proven to help.

Maybe they might work for you?


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1) Have a way to wind down each night:

– Personally for me its reading in bed. For you it might be something else. Bath, meditation, whatever it is.

Ideally not your phone or tv as it can stimulate the mind

– Try and make the time to give it a shot

2) Manage stress

– If you find that you are under the pump and stressed about what you’ve got to do tomorrow at work chances are you’re going to struggle to get to sleep. Or get back if you wake up.  

– How about trying a brain dump?

Writing down all your thoughts/worries before you go to bed – to get them out of your head and set it aside until tomorrow.

Don’t know if that works but that’s what they recommend.

3) Pay attention to what you eat and drink

– Of course some things are a given to stimulate you – nicotine & caffeine.

It’s going to take a while to get them out of your system. 

– Alcohol can limit your sleep quality too. Especially after a few drinks.

I always have a disrupted sleep if I have a few too many.

How about you?

Hands down though, the one thing I know works better than most things.

This is physical activity IE getting up off our arses and moving.

And the research agrees this is definitely one of the factors.

You normally always sleep better after a workout.

That is unless you normally do it right before bed. 

The adrenalin and endorphin boost you get from exercise usually makes getting to sleep harder.

So try and exercise earlier in your day.

But getting in that workout definitely helps to work out the stress.

And I can almost always guarantee that someone always says they slept better after we trained together.

Not cause they got ‘smashed’ like those Crossfitters wear like a badge of honour.

But cause it was effective.

It worked.

It hit the right spot.

Think it could work for you?

Answer these couple of questions to help get the ball rolling




PS – Those questions should take literally 2 minutes to answer. I’m not asking for ‘war and peace length’ responses.

Just give me an idea of where you’re at now and we’re you want to get to.

Here’s that link again



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