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Yep, today marks the half time in the year – like I mentioned yesterday – the Living on a Prayer week.
Now if you feel like you need Something for the Pain of your clothes not fitting like they used to, or that flab that never used to hang over your tummy each time you sit down, or maybe even just needing Something to Believe In again.
This is your time.
DPM Velocity is starting now and I Want You in if you’re sick and tired of playing Roulette (and losing) with another bloody diet or training fad that comes and goes like they all do.
(Promise that’s the end of the Bon Jovi analogies!)
If you already know this is for you, click here NOW and lets get it started


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But what will you get if you join me over the next 90 days in DPM Velocity?
  • How would you like to finally be confident with what stares back at you in the mirror so that you no longer have to hide away under baggy clothes that make you feel like a nanna?
  •  Imagine feeling finally excited at the thought of your partner not being able to keep their hands off you like they used to before life got in the way
  • You’ll also discover how we break down the 90 days into shorter brackets that provide you with the bench marks to know whether you’re on track or need to pull the finger out
  • The strange way that lets you maximise your weight loss without the stress of finding hours and hours each week
  • The complete game plan of what to eat and when so that all the confusion over whether you should eat this or that is completely removed. If you can follow some simple recipes and guidelines you’ll be sweet!
  • Do you feel that you start off well but slip away when life gets in the way? Yep, we all do. That’s why having me to check in every day and to set you 1 simple task each day to complete will be the reason why this is different to every other time
This is the reason this is different – the secret lies in the accountability that you get that helps keep your focus, or help find it again – this is what is lacking from every other option that you’ve tried before.
How? Because of the group accountability that you get with our private Facebook group so that you can help each other through your tough days and celebrate your wins.
And of course having me as your coach to guide you through.
If you’re sick and tired of the flab hanging over your jeans and nothing that you’ve tried, or are currently doing, is working – this is the change your body – and mind – needs
So let’s run through a few questions you may be asking about Velocity:
Q – Do I have to attend any sessions or is it all done online? 
A: It’s all done online – if you can’t train with me in person you’ll do the home workouts that you’ll get. If you do train with me you’re sweet (depending on how many sessions you do)
Q – When do we start?
A: You start within 24 hours of joining us. That way there’s no putting it off to Monday like we’ve all done before.
Q – I don’t have a lot of time to commit to all of this – it all seems a bit too much? 
A: You need 1 hour a week. Yes a week – not a day. Can you manage that? 3 x 20 mins workouts that you can do in your  own home without any equipment (you’ll even get the video demos so that you know exactly the right way to do each exercise)
Q – How can I be sure that this time is different to every other time I’ve tried and failed?
A: When was the last time you actually had someone check in with you daily? And give you 1 thing (yes 1 thing only) to do for that day? It just doesn’t usually work like that when it comes to weight loss programs.
I realised the need for something different that actually works.
But you know what the funny thing is?
Or not so funny really when you realise this:
losing weight successfully just lies in being able to master, and be consistent with the basics.
It really isn’t as hard as we try and convince ourselves.
That’s the beauty of this Velocity program.
We simplify things for you to make it seem very doable.
Breaking that big end dream (that you’ve held for how long has it been now?) and giving you the roadmap to get there.
Just like the GPS – we work back from your end destination and tell you when to turn where.
Plus you’ve got the support of the 4 others in the group (plus me) to help us all stick to the right path.
And now, as I write this there’s only 4 spots left.
If you want in you better get in before it’s too late.
Any more questions I didn’t answer reply back and let me know. Otherwise see you on the other side.
PS – come join me and click here NOW – only 4 spots left

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