Someone You Know Might Appreciate This

Well there you go.

Gotta admit, the initial reaction I had was no shit.

But it’s nice to see it in print and backed by research from the CSIRO.

There’s was an article in Fridays paper ‘Diet cuts diabetes medicine’

Basically saying that scientists have found a great ‘new’ way to cut down the burden of type 2 diabetes.

You know the type that’s caused by obesity and eating too much crap.

It also lowered medication levels by an average of 40%.

Some people in the trial were even able to cease using their medication.

That’s pretty decent.

In fact it’s pretty awesome.

How you ask?

Well the same way we’ve been eating here at DPM for years.

And the same way that people like Kasey, who’s story I shared with you last week,
used to nail the Accelerate 2016 program which wrapped up over the weekend.

The diet they used was very low in carbohydrates and higher in protein and unsaturated fats.

Just like the 3 day detox diet you get as part of your Team DPM intro back.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I’m not anti carbs.

In fact I love a good carb hit for a cheat meal.

Or when it’s cycled in as part of your DPM eating plan.

We just eat less than what the majority of Aussies eat.

And we all know the majority are always wrong.

Same as we all know the majority of Aussies are either overweight or on their way there.

So if you know someone with type 2 diabetes this could well save their life.

Dramatic but true.

Or if you need that little extra encouragement to get started, but don’t really wanna do a group thing.

Or you can’t make my morning sessions,

I have a lunch time slot that you may be interested in

to work 1-on-1 with me.


WHEN: Wednesday and Fridays

TIME: 12:15 – 12:45pm

WHERE: Surry Hills, Observatory Hill OR if you’re in the Inner West that could work too.

More info?

Or want to lock it in for yourself?

Go here now.


You can even split the investment with a couple of friends if you’ve got a couple of you keen.

That’s cool too. Just divide the investment between however many of you there are.



PS – if you know someone who this may benefit here’s the article


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