Stack The Odds In Your Favour

“It’s all about odds and percentages… The house always wins right? Why? Because the odds are stacked in the house’s favour. So? Be the house! Get the odds in your favour”.

– Andre Agassi

Tennis legend and one of my favourite players to watch ever.

As a side, if you haven’t read Andre’s book Open – it is one of the most refreshingly honest autobiographies I’ver ever read. He speaks about good times and bad not like some athletes who brush over all the bad stuff cause it doesn’t do their image any good.

Anyway, this analogy is a good un.

Whether you like a bet or not.

Like Andre says you’ve got to be the house.

Think like the house.

Get the odds for your goal achievement in your favour.

That means you have to think like a winner.

It means you need the motivation to get out of bed every morning certain in knowing that the steps you are putting in place are the right ones to ensure your success.

It means that more often than not you’re going to be on track.

Not everytime cause no gambler has a 100% success rate.

I know I don’t.

With my eating and with my punting.

But it’s knowing that you’re always going to be ahead in the long run.

Sure, you might cop a couple of losses on the way like if you slip and go out on a binge on this weekend.

That happens.

It’s life.

Can sometimes be good for us (well mentally at least)

That’s where something like the newly updated DPM 3 Day Detox Diet will suit you perfectly.

It’ll help balance things out and get you back on track and put the odds back in your favour come Monday.

It’s just like when a punter strikes it big – the casino or bookie takes a little hit.

But in the long run the house always wins.

After all, casinos and online bookies wouldn’t be everywhere if they didn’t.

And so will you providing you get back and not write everything off.

Be the house.

What do you think of that little analogy?

On the money?



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