Struggling To Lose Those Kgs?

No beating around the bush today cause this is a very interesting stat.

Came across a very interesting stat in this article that might be able to help explain why you may be struggling to shed the kgs despite being active and eating pretty clean.

Seems that there were quite a few of the punters in this study that tended to over-report the level of activity that they actually do by around 51%.

Ok, but here’s the big-un.

They also tended to under-report the amount of calories that were eaten by around 47%.

That is a massive amount of error.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling you a liar and saying you’re full of crap.

Chances are this could be happening without any thought of manipulation at all.

Especially if you don’t keep a track of what you eat at each meal and try and rely on your memory to cast back.

That is why those who get the best results track stuff daily.

Yes, it can be a pain in the arse to write down everything that goes past those lips – including anything that you drink – including every glass or bottle of water and tea/coffee.

I’m also aware that it can be pretty hard to remember the next morning whether you had 9 wines or 6.

They all start to blend in together after a few don’t they!?

But if you are scratching your head wondering why things may not be heading in the right direction that you want this could be a possible answer.

Yes, no study is perfect and this is an old study but I’d wager this’d be even more true now than it was 20 years ago with the way our lifestyles have got.

Fuel for thought?



PS- if you missed my message on friday and if you happen to be a bloke reading this I’m starting a ‘fellas only’ daily action tip like this one that is targeted especially for the busy Dad who works hard, loves a drink but loves their kids even more and wants to be around to see them grow up all while still finding time to lose the beer gut. Come and join me here.

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