Surprising Truth About What You Eat

Found something you might be interested in.

Got sent an article yesterday from my sister and thought I have to share with you.

Now, some might brush it off as just another conspiracy theorist article, but hang in there cause it is pretty interesting about what is included in our foods.

And not just the crappy foods that are an obvious ‘drag-you-down’ food.

Some of this stuff is things that you and I would normally consider to be sweet.

The author went undercover as an ‘insider’ at a food trade expo and discovered some pretty interesting things that make our normally regarded ‘healthy’ foods last longer so they can stay on the shelf for longer.

Probably what the good old supermarkets are doing to our stuff.

But it just gives us another reason to buy fresh from a grocer or farmers market.

To cut to the chase they’re using chemicals and other crap to make this happen and to make foods cheaper to make.

Not exactly ground breaking info there.

But there’s more.

To quote:

You might find it all too easy to resist the lure of a turkey drummer, a ready meal, a “fruit” drink or a pappy loaf of standard white bread.

You might check labels for E numbers and strange-sounding ingredients, boycotting the most obvious forms of processed food.

And yet you will still find it hard to avoid the 6,000 food additives – flavourings, glazing agents, improvers, bleaching agents and more – that are routinely employed behind the scenes of contemporary food manufacture

It also goes on to raise a rather valid point:

A disturbing 60% of the UK population is overweight; a quarter of us are obese. Are we leaping to an unjustified conclusion when we lay a significant part of the blame for obesity, chronic disease and the dramatic rise in reported food allergies at the door of processed food? There are several grounds for examining this connection.

I think there could well be something in here.

Especially if the majority of people are trying to do the right thing food wise.

Call me naive, but I find it hard to believe that only 40% of the population actually give a crap about what goes on their plate and watch what they eat.

The numbers of people that try weight watchers, diet pills, gym memberships or work with people like me are testament to that.

So maybe we are ingesting a whole heap of rubbish that our bodies simply don’t tolerate.

And not just the usual food intolerances like wheat and dairy etc.

It’s food for thought.

That’s for sure.

End result I guess is we all need to dig a little deeper about where our food comes from and where we buy it from.

Just like the frozen berries scandal a month or so ago taught us.



PS – if you want to see the article for yourself here it is – it’s a bit wordy but a very interesting read

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