This Sydney Boot Camp Solves All Your "Clothes Don’t Fit" Frustrations

Discover How These Sydney Boot Camp Group Training Sessions Will Finally Get You Back In Your Skinny Jeans Or Get 100% of Your Money Back & Train For FREE!

If you need help getting back in your skinny jeans, flattening your tummy, getting your arms looking nice and toned or to just look good naked (doesn’t everyone?!) then you’re finally in the right spot!

People like you often turn to us after they’ve been burned by every workout craze or fad diet that has ever been conceived and they are at a wits end just wanting results without having to sign your life away. Does that sound like you?

Better yet, how would you like to get results like Melinda in the picture below in less than half the time of other groups that you’ll find around Sydney?

sydney boot camp, sydney personal trainer

Plus, you will soon discover that being a member of the DPM VIP Client Rewards program (which is given to you for free when you join) gives you your 12th month of training for FREE – whatever your package!

You’re busy and I’m sure you’d rather spend your time with your family, your friends or your partner. So you need a fat loss solution that is especially designed for busy people like you.

That’s how the popular fatblast formula came about – by demand and necessity and now most of the DPM Sydney Boot Camp sessions only go for 30 minutes – yet still produce amazing results!

They laughed when I said a 30 minute workout was all you need to shift stubborn fat stores – but you should have seen their faces when it actually worked…

By utilising the fatblast training secret that you’ll soon discover in our sessions you will be able to get more done in less time and be able to get back into those jeans that have been hiding in the back of your wardrobe.

And you’ll no longer be one of the doubters. Just see what some of the happy success stories have to say including Megan below:

sydney boot camp, sydney personal trainer

3 Things You’ll Discover With DPM Performance

1. How training less often and shorter sessions will actually benefit you more

2. The ‘healthy’ foods that are actually poisoning you every single day – the truth is going to shock you

3. How to actually make your favourite foods work in your favour rather than slow your progress

You will even get complimentary access to the DPM 4 Week Express Transformation System which promises to start you off in the right direction once you’re on board ($97 value)


PLUS you will be automatically enrolled in the VIP Rewards program which rewards you for training with DPM Performance!

You will receive a FREE ‘mystery reward’ after your 6th consecutive stamped month and a full rebate for that months training after your 12 consecutive stamped month.

All you have to do is bring your VIP card to training at the start of each month and get it stamped – just another great reason to join Team DPM today!

Here’s some stats to make you think

  • Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer of people in NSW that resulted in 35% of all deaths in 2007? (Heart Foundation).
  • According to the WHO (2003), excess body weight increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, some cancers, high blood pressure and high cholesterol just to name some.
  • US researchers also found that people who were active 30 mins a day are less likely to develop bowel cancer
  • According to a recent (2011 media report in the Daily Telegraph) Overweight or obese women can fail to ovulate and IVF success rates reduced by as much as 25% in obese patients & 50% in very obese patients.
  • The fellas don’t get off scot free either. Obesity lowers sperm counts in men by 50%.

Scary stuff right?

If these numbers haven’t motivated you to take action and get started in a healthy routine than think about your kids burying you before their 21st birthday.

That is a very real possibility. Especially with people starting families later these days. I don’t want that to happen to your family down the track…

But you know one thing – it’s not your fault!

TRUTH 1: The food companies are to blame for lying to us about foods that are supposed to be good for you.

TRUTH 2: The gyms and dodgy personal trainers that tell you to do exercise like crunches to get rid of a belly and to join a pump class because you shouldn’t lift heavy weights when wanting to lose fat are also to blame

TRUTH 3: The government is to blame for publishing a food pyramid that is so wrong it should be changed immediately.

That’s why busy people like you usually turn to the DPM group sessions when they feel like they’ve tried, and failed, at everything before.

They are on the brink of giving up in pure frustration and to be honest, I almost can’t blame them.

They’ve put into practice what they were told to do and it was just plain wrong.

Now it’s time to draw the line in the sand and realise there is now hope. When you decide to take the next step you will be surprised by what you can achieve in a short time.

Because There’ s Something That You Can Do

With The Right Information

You can take action and do something positive!

You can take that first step and change!

You can finally get back in your skinny jeans despite what anybody may have told you previously!

Hence The ‘1 Month Better Than Money Back Guarantee’

Yes, I am so confident that you’ll look better than you ever have before with the DPM Sydney Boot Camps.

So in the unlikely event that you’re  not 100% satisfied with your training and the results you’re getting after only 1 month then I will refund every single last cent that you have paid me plus I’ll train you for free until you are happy.


No ifs or buts, if you’re not happy than neither am I so you’ll get every cent back just for giving my sessions an honest go and following my nutrition advice.

In Fact, Let’s Go Better Than That Guarantee –

Introducing The DPM Performance

9 Star Satisfaction Standard

1 – First and foremost, all of your sessions are run by me – Daniel Munday – not some rookie PT running under the business name of some ‘hot-shot trainer’

2 – You get the experience and knowledge of an 11 year industry veteran at every session. Daniel is insured and registered with the governing body for Fitness Professionals – Fitness Australia

3 – You will not have to dress in camo gear or wear a uniform like some other Sydney Boot Camps

4 -You will never be yelled at or demeaned like in some other boot camp situations – the sessions cater for all fitness levels and it’s actually the truth! You’re only competing against yourself

5 – Your sessions will be fun and always in a non-threatening environment with supportive people in the class – no negative people and pull downers allowed!

6 -You won’t have to suffer out in the rain and catch a cold in wet weather. All wet weather sessions are at under cover locations

7 -You will receive FREE access to the results guaranteed DPM 4 Week Express Transformation System – which includes my almost famous 3 Day Detox Diet ($97 value alone)

8 – You will be automatically enrolled in the VIP Rewards program which rewards you for your loyalty after the 6th month with a “mystery reward” and a FREE month rebate after your 12 consecutive month!

9 – But best of all, your training experience is backed up with the DPM Performance ‘Better Than Money Back Guarantee’ you saw earlier in the unlikely event that you are not completely amazed with your results.

Which other group training solution offers all of that? All the risk is on me to get you results and that’s the way it should be!

Alright Daniel, Tell Me How I Can Get Started

First of all, why not come and try out a session without making any further commitment – just so you know that this is going to be the right solution for you.

You can even try a couple of different sessions at my expense (by choosing the 23 days for $7 option) if you like so you can see what is on offer and be sure and certain that DPM Performance is your only skinny jeans solution.

But you need to act fast

I only have a very limited number of trial spots available each month to be fair to everyone else in my groups. And as you will see on the Group Training page – some of my sessions are even waiting list only due to popular demand – So to reserve a spot for yourself simply contact me NOW.

You can either fill in the form below and you will be contacted within 24 hours. Or alternatively shoot an email to or call or SMS 0415 843 675.

Need More Info?

Check out where the DPM Sydney Boot Camp sessions are located.

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