Thank You

Seeing as this is my last message to you before I take 2 weeks off I just wanted to say thank you to you.

1) Thank you to the DPMers who continue to turn up each and every week and who have made this 10th year of running my own business a possibility

Cause of course, without them there is no business.

2) Even if you’re not a part of Team DPM right now, thank you for reading these every day.

I enjoy hearing every now and then how something really resonated with someone.

It makes it worth while taking the time to send them out each day.

I also realise that if you may be on the fence about joining us, or getting back in the saddle if you’ve been away for some time, that one email will either encourage you back over this side or turn you away.

If it turns you away it just means we were never a good fit anyways.

So I want to wish you a great Christmas break.

Forget what all the so-called ‘experts’ say at this time of year to be healthy over Christmas.

Stuff em.

Enjoy yourself.

It’s a time to enjoy and celebrate with family.

So what if you put on a few kgs.

We can deal with them later.

To be honest I’ll no doubt add a kg or three to the belly cause i put on weight easy.

It happens.

I’ll get back in the saddle in January.


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And if that sounds like you too, I have 1 position available for personal training.

Wednesday and Friday mornings 7:15-7:45

Venue: CBD or Inner West – the beauty of personal training is I come to you

Want that spot?

Get in before someone else grabs it next year.

We can start Jan 6th.

But in a nutshell, I’m looking for someone who may be:

** Sick of that flab that hangs over your jeans?

** Sick of not having the energy that you used to have not so long ago?

** Sick of promising yourself time and time again that ‘this January I’ll finally do something about it’

All you have to do is hit reply and tell me why you want it.


See you next year



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