The Best Free Gift Ever?

Seeing as you have stumbled across this blog post – maybe intentionally while looking through my site, or just via a random search online, whatever way it doesn’t matter. I want to reward you either way.

This is something that is usually only open to clients of Team DPM, and their friends, but seeing as you are here, I want to reward you and open this up to you, and your friends too.

Did you know that Spring is only 7 weeks away from today?

Yep, come half way through this week we’ll be half way through Winter! That sounds good enough to me. The hump is almost here and the downward slide to Spring will get quicker and quicker.

So that brings the next question.

Are you happy with where you are at right now?

I mean, are your skinny jeans something that you can wear whenever you desire? Or are they hiding at the back of your wardrobe with you only wishing they could slide over your thighs like they used to?

If you do need a little bit of help getting back in those skinny jeans NOW is the time to put in the hard yards.

So when the weather does warm up and we can finally shed those bulky winter coats and pants – you will be ready while everyone else panics that they’ve left their run too late.

Don’t be that person.

So, if you are ready to make a change I want to help you.

And as a result I want to shout you 2 weeks free on the house at ANY Team DPM session.

That’s right = either in The Rocks (at Observatory Hill or Dawes Point) or at Surry Hills, you can come along and get some action happening.

Plus I have a bunch of other completely FREE gifts for you just for taking up the test drive.

Simply grab a friend and click here for your 2 Weeks Free.

But act FAST as this offer ends August 31, 2014 = yep the day Winter ends is the day your chance to get on top of this freebie is taken off the table.

And if you are wondering where and when the sessions are check out this timetable below:

DPM sessions 2k14

If you have any questions, just give me a buzz or SMS 0415 843 675 or email


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