The Hunger Game

Chances are at some time or another when you are starting your own personal eat clean game plan you are going to be hungry.

There’s a number of reasons for this and it isn’t all bad. That may sound surprising and against everything that we have always been told – i.e. if you’re hungry eat. Listen to your body etc etc.

Most of that is true. But there’s a big difference here.

First of all, the reason we all need to reign things in now and then with our eating is because – well, if you’re anything like me – you love food.

Chances are that you do.

I haven’t met many people who say they don’t actually enjoy eating. And that its a chore.

I love food. In fact, if I didn’t exercise, I can safely say that I would be a very, very big man.

My big eyes open was back when I was 21. I had just come back from my first time living overseas. I spent 3 months working and travelling in the US – and loved it.┬áIn fact, probably a little bit too much. Being the first time I spent away from home in any length I definitely took advantage of it. I ate too much and too much of the wrong stuff. I drank too much. But then again, tell me a 21 year old living overseas for the first time who hasn’t.

Anyway, when I got back home I figured I’d put on a couple of kilos. Well those ‘couple of kgs’ turned out to be 10kg. In 3 months!

That was the moment when I remember thinking “this can go either way here”. Either I keep on going down the path I was heading and saying stuff it = I’m enjoying myself.

Or I could do something about it.

Does this sound familiar?

Needless to say, you can probably guess what option I took – that 10kg was gone within the next 2 months.

I told you this because I can relate to how you may be feeling.

I eat too much. Even to this day. My portion sizes are too big. And when I want to reign things in a little which I do from time to time and really clean up everything that I eat – the portion size is the thing I know I also need to change.

It can be a struggle.

But when I reign that in, I know I’m on top of things.

This brings me back to the feeling hungry thing.

It is not always a bad thing to feel hungry when you are cleaning up your eating. It can be a sign that our bodies are used to overeating.

There’s also a couple of tips that can help your hunger if this is you.

First of all, have half a teaspoon of coconut oil – yep straight from the jar – when the hunger or cravings kick in. This can act as a great craving killer and can help distract your hunger focus because something is going down your mouth.

The other thing is to increase your water intake.

Having a glass of water before and after a meal will help increase your sense of fullness – and reduce the amount of food you eat.

The final bit of insider info that I’ll give you is the hardest one.

When you have finished what you’re eating – wait 15 minutes before deciding whether you are still hungry.

That way your stomach has had time to get the message to your brain that it is actually full and doesn’t need anymore food.

And that avoids that ‘food coma’ thing that can set in when you’ve eaten too much and all you want to do is go and lie down and have a good old Nanna nap.

Give these a go and see if they can help your hunger feelings and even cravings when you’re starting your eat clean, stay lean transformation game plan.



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