The Luck Of The Irish

“The believer is happy, the doubter is wise”

That old Irish proverb is a strange one at first glance.

But it’s St Pats day and figured it’s time for some Irish luck to rub off on us.

Now unless you’ve been on the Guinness all day you might be wondering what I’m on about.

Cause after all you’re probably thinking I want you to believe everything I write about without questioning me at all.

Well I’ll say it again:

the believer is happy, the doubter is wise.

You see, back in the day, I used to follow around what the national guidelines were regarding exercise and ‘healthy eating’.

Used to follow it blindly.

And even criticise those who dared to train people in other than the recommended guidelines.

But guess what?

You can guess how good the results were I’m sure?

Yep, not too good at all.

Being blunt here.

But we can’t run away from my past.

Nor should we.

Better to own up and face it.

It takes doubting something that you once believed as gospel to really get somewhere.

Just like I want you to make your own judgements on things.

I can point you in the right direction but I figure you’re also smart enough to realise whether what I’m on about resonates with you.

And if it doesn’t maybe it might be time to do one of 3 things:

Question me and what I believe – maybe dig a little deeper for yourself and see if what I’m on about might have some merit
Or question what your current thought process is on something – whether it be food, exercise – whatever. And then compare that to your results that you’re currently getting from it


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After all, there’s one thing that even the luckiest of Irishmen can’t lie to you about:

What stares back at you in the mirror each day.

And cause I don’t have the luck of the Irish on my side I’ve gotta make my own luck.

Maybe like you?

Or as the golfer Gary Player once famously said “it’s amazing the harder I work the luckier I get”.

Guess he wasn’t Irish either.

So we just gotta work out what’s the right path for us.



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