This Dietician Does My Head In

Did you catch the media storm that has been brewing lately between ‘Celebrity Chef’ Pete Evans and the main stream nutrition disciples?

Well, it came to a head on Saturday in the Tele (read here if you missed it) when the dietician that does my head in, Suzie Burrell, came out and bagged people who push the Paleo way of living and said it was irresponsible.

Now, if you have no idea what paleo is = basically it just means eating real food – not crap. You eat grass fed meat, vegetables, some fruits and nuts and seeds.

You avoid grains and man made food.

Seems simple enough and common sense enough right?

Yep, you bet.

Except for some nutritionists and dieticians who have been living under a rock – and preaching from an organisation that is partially funded by the food companies.

Not exactly impartial is it?

Anyway Suzie criticises Pete and others because they don’t have a 7 year degree to back up their comments.

The problem with degrees is that they are all theory and out of date information. You can prove anything via research if you manipulate enough criteria.

And just to clarify – I have a Bachelor of Health Science degree that isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

I’ve learned a ton more through questioning what we are taught and doing my own homework but more importantly living and working with people in the REAL WORLD and finding what actually works.

Somehow I don’t think it is dangerous to tell people to eat real food and not processed crap – but that might just be me – and a few ‘celebrity chefs’.

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