This Iceman’s Crazy

My favourite Iceman of all time was without a doubt the Iceman out of Top Gun.

Definitely one of my all time fave movies.

(before Tom Cruise starting jumping on Oprah’s couch and joined a cult)

Surely you gotta rate it too?

Anyways, this Iceman isn’t as cool as Val Kilmer was back in the day but without a doubt he’s certifiable.


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Did you catch this story last week?

The bloke that climbed Mount Everest in nothing but a pair of shorts – even without hiking boots.

(yes really!)

Check it out here if you don’t believe me

Apart from it being a pretty cool feat of human mental strength I wanted to share with you something he mentioned:

“We are able to have a connection, direct, inside, which goes far deeper than ever thought,” he says.

“I wanna show the world that everybody is able, instead of being powerless, to have power over his own system.”

And while I don’t expect you to climb Everest pretty much naked I think we can all get on top of all the excuses that we’ve all got running through our head that stop us from making the commitment to drop those couple of kilos that have been around too long.

Too tired

Too busy

Work is just nuts right now

Later when I get more time (hint: you’ll never find more time – you’ll just find something else to replace that extra time with)

Angry at yourself that you’ve let it go this far

Fear about having to start from scratch. AGAIN

So if you think it’s time to get control of your system I want to organise a chat with you next week when I’m back on deck.

Fill in these questions and I’ll be in touch next Monday to organise a time.

Lets do this.

I know you can.



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