This Is It: Last Chance

Straight to the point:

Today is the absolute last day to get on board for the Accelerate 2016 Transformation Program.

If you’ve been away on holidays and only got the message today you don’t have much time to stuff around.

That is if you want to drop the Christmas kilos you’ve put on.

I’m 1 week in to my game plan and feeling better already.

Getting better food in the body, getting off the drink everyday.

And of course doing some exercise again.

I do feel better.

And I know I’ll feel a hell of a lot better in another 5 weeks when this wraps up.

You could too.

Join me here

But if you’re still thinking it over remember this point:

Have you ever been to Think-it-over-town – a small town in far North Queensland?

The only traffic light is yellow.

The only colour is grey.

There’s only 1 tv channel.

There’s only 1 item on the menu at the local takeaway.


Cause everyone’s too scared to make a decision.

To back themselves.

 – Over the next 5 weeks you’ll have access to the complete food plan to follow so that all the confusion is removed from what to eat

 – You’ll get the exact workout to follow, along with video demos so you know exactly how to do it and when to do it

 – You’ll get the access to me – each day – checking in with you (big key change to previous programs) 

Yep, I’ll SMS you 5 days a week to ensure you are doing what you said you would do.

And answer any questions or roadblocks that you have along the way.

That’s the real benefit of your $97 investment right there.

The accountability and follow up to ensure that you do what you said you would do!

And of course you can say goodbye to your cellulite, jiggly arms and muffin top.

Why wouldn’t you be interested in that?

As I’ve previously mentioned, I personally guarantee to get you back on track for 2016

– losing the extra kilos that you’ve put on over Christmas.

** So that your pants will comfortably fit again

** So that you won’t be embarrassed taking off your clothes in front of your partner 

** So that you can wear that skimpy top you got for Christmas without being self conscious.

And if it doesn’t do all of that and more for your small $97 investment?

Then you can have every cent back.

Yep, all the risk is on me to ensure this Accelerate 2016 Transformation Program does what I said it will do.

All you gotta do is do the work and follow the game plan as designed.

That’s how confident I am that this program works. 

and will work for you when you follow the game plan and do the work.

Sound like a fair trade?

$97 for the confidence and look that your new body will give you?

If your nodding your head yes, your next step is to 

Click the link below and once you process your paypal payment you’re in!

Click the link here and once you process your paypal payment you’re in!

See you on the other side


PS – Remember to hit the ‘return to DPM Performance’ button once you complete your payment so you can get instant access to the first steps.

PPS – Time is running out! We start Monday. Don’t delay any longer.

Click the link below and get on board NOW so you can get yourself sorted over the weekend for a Monday start

Click the link here and once you process your paypal payment you’re in!


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