This Made Me Laugh

Years ago I used to be a bit sensitive I guess to criticism and took things a bit personal if someone didn’t like me or the way I run things or something that I posted on a blog or a youtube video.

Now I couldn’t give a crap.

Why? 2 reasons:

1) The only opinions I care about are those of my clients and if they didn’t agree with my thoughts the chances are super high that they wouldn’t be training with me.

2) And secondly because I’m passed the point of trying to please everyone. If I don’t like something or someone I’ll say it. If I don’t like a training or nutrition protocol – you’ll know about it. I’m not at that age where you want to be liked by everyone.

I sleep the same at night either way.

So now I find it funny.

Which brings me to what made me laugh yesterday. I got an email from someone on Tuesday telling me to unsubscribe her from the emails that she was on my subscriber list for.

Now I figured if this person had half a brain she would’ve seen the unsubscribe button that is clearly marked on each email and done so herself. Obviously not.

So I sent a quick – but polite – reply telling her how she can do it.

The response I got when she finally did gave me a laugh:

Emails too long, ramble and contain too many personal opinions. 

Also the 6 weeks to sexy program is directly copying the successful program run in the eastern suburbs.

The ‘too many personal opinions’ piece was what gave me the laugh.

Yes, I am opinionated – because I am sick of people like nutritionists and crappy personal trainers who rip people off with advice and services that goes against what I believe in.

And I do it because by reading what I put out – you might agree with what I see and start to implement that stuff for yourself. I know that what I put out works for my clients. So I keep doing it.

And, with regards to the transformation program – anyone who thinks that 1 trainer in particular owns the rights to a program is kidding themselves. Transformation programs are everywhere – of varying lengths. Mine have been 4, 5 and 6 weeks. Years ago I did a 12 week one. Does that mean Michelle Bridges copied mine with her 12WBT? Of course not.

Some bloke in the Eastern Suburbs doesn’t own the rights to them. And someone who has never invested in it has no right to say that it is a direct copy. I’m not the first person to use 6 weeks and sexy in the same headline. Neither was the other trainer. And we won’t be the last.

But thanks for the laugh Charlotte. Good luck with your training and I hope you find what you’re looking for elsewhere.

I mean that sincerely too by the way. I know that know everyone is a right fit for my style. Those people are better off elsewhere. Those who do like where I come from will be more inclined to follow what I have to say and get results anyways.

On a side note, if you do like what I say and want a laugh then you might like to see what some of my ‘critics’ say about my most popular youtube video (that currently has just under 70K views) you might like to read the 300 plus comments.

Just click on the part of the video below that lets you watch it in youtube:

My final words to you today are to find someone who aligns with what you are looking for. Me or not.


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