This Should Be A No-Brainer

Those that know me would know that I’m definitely never claim to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

Not saying I’m a space cadet – just not in the Bill Nye The Science Guy range (a reference from my favourite movie ever – Night At The Roxbury).

But this should’ve happened a long time ago.

And I still can’t work out why they don’t do it now.

Especially when there’s a dollar, or millions to be exact, to be made out of it.


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Came across an article that mentioned how kids are drinking more soft drink and how it has become an everyday drink rather than a once in a blue moon – or never – drink.

And how the taxes should be doubled on soft drink to help combat it (along with other measures like warning labels and advertising campaigns).

Now, I’m starting to sound like one of those old fogies that constantly rattles off ‘back in my day’ but cast your mind back to when we were kids.

How many fat kids were there in the class?

One, maybe two tops.

Now you just need to walk down the local shops to see that majority is definitely on the rise.

I’d say close to half are carrying a bit more baggage then they should be.

And the article had some interesting points:

“Diet is the leading cause of death, tobacco is now number three because we’ve taxed it and introduced plain packaging and it’s been very successful,” Jane Martin, executive manager of the OPC, said.
“Sugary drinks are recognised as a major contributing factor to overweight and obesity. A 600ml bottle of soft drink can contain up to 16 teaspoons of sugar.
“Sugary drinks are cheap and heavily consumed and have no nutritional value and putting up the price can have quite a big impact and it can raise funds to subsidise healthier foods.”
Sugary drinks used to attract a sales tax of 30 per cent before being replaced by a 10 per cent GST. Now some soft drinks are cheaper than bottled water.
So how about it?

I reckon we should go across the board and have a junk food tax.

It’s common sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a coke every now and then. Especially with my rum.

But it isn’t an everyday thing.

And I didn’t have it much growing up as a kid. It was an absolute rarity. The way it should be for kids.

These things are more real to me as a parent as I can tell you it’ll be a LONG time before Emily gets her lips around one of these buggers.

Take out the health side of things with introducing a tax and to me it is just an economic no-brainer.

Imagine the coin that could then be re-invested back into the system for the same type of education programs.

Much like when they used to have those HIV ads back in the 80’s which scared the crap out of everyone cause they were full on – and the cigarette packs with pics of gangrene and stuff now.

That stuff obviously worked to some degree.

We can only hope it’ll catch on here.

But I won’t go holding my breath.



PS – thanks for your positive comments to yesterdays message. I appreciate you taking time out to do that!

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