This Should Be Applauded

There’s one thing I can assure you. I have zero interest in the Logies that were on Sunday night.

Anything that you can win by getting your Nanna to buy a magazine and voting for you, or by tv networks rigging who everyone should vote for is hardly a credible award.

But one thing that caught my eye after it was doing the rounds on social media over the last 2 days is the ‘before and after’ of Sunrise host Sam Armytage with and without hair and makeup done.

That was incredibly brave considering she was putting herself up for attack from all the keyboard warriors with nothing better to do then attack people on the internet.

As you can see from the photos below there is a big difference between the start and the end product.


Photo from Sunrise Facebook page

Photo from Sunrise Facebook page

I don’t say that as a criticism – far from it. I say it from the point of view that all women should look at it and realise that everything you see on tv and, even worse, in magazines (thanks to photoshop) is not as it seems.

They spend hours getting made up to look how they look on camera – or airbrushed in a magazine.

So why do women, and society in general, constantly give themselves a complex by comparing themselves with what they see there.

I think what Sam has done – whether this was the intentional or not – is fantastic and hopefully the message will hit home.

Don’t compare yourself with what you see on tv.

And for blokes, it is just as important to realise this too.

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