This Teared Me Up

I don’t always watch 60 Minutes but when I saw the preview for last Sundays episode I knew I couldn’t miss this one.

One of my biggest inspirations and heroes is a bloke by the name of John Maclean. John, if you haven’t heard of him is a pretty amazing bloke.

He is from the same area that I grew up so I came across him from an early age. In fact, I remember the first time I came across him was when he came to our school to speak back when I was in high school – so something like 20 years ago.

For a brief bio as his bio alone could fill up pages in a blog, John was a young lower grader Rugby League player back in the late 80s. He was training for a triathlon on his bike when he got hit by a truck while riding alongside the now M4 motorway.

He was paralysed and looking at the rest of his life in his wheelchair.

But that is when his story started. John completed the Hawaiian Ironman – in the able bodied cut off time, swam the English Channel, kayaked around parts of Hawaii, competed at the Paralympics (in 2 sports) and Sydney Olympics in the demonstration wheelchair race.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

He has released 2 books which are a must read – Sucking The Marrow Out of Life and Full Circle. When he released his first book I managed to meet him at the book signing and was wrapped to finally meet the guy in the flesh.

But anyway, this 60 Minutes story revealed how John has amazingly started walking again – after 25 years!

The story showed John’s first steps and his journey to getting back onto his two feet. The story literally had tears welling in my eyes.

If you missed it, I recommend you take the 15 minutes to watch the story – full link here.

And you can see extra minutes here


Not surprisingly, considering how motivated and focused John is – his next challenge is to complete the Nepean Triathlon later this year as an able bodied athlete.

He may not be walking like you and I are but after 25 years in a wheelchair it is a pretty amazing feat to see. That fact teared me up.

I have no doubt that he will make the Nepean goal happen.

The guy is one of the most inspirational guys on the planet in my opinion and is the perfect example for anyone – with full use of their limbs or not.

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