This Workout Should Hit The Spot

Ever had that dilemma when you miss your alarm and sleep in way past your wake up time to get to a session?

Al had the same issue this morning but rather than just turning around and rolling over there is another option.

Which Al took.

Come to training late.

And there is the big lesson.

Yes, despite a good natured ribbing from the rest of the team for being late, meant that instead of the usual workout there was only time for a quick 15 minute hit out.

So rather than just say stuff it and roll over this is the hit out that Al did.

Wood Chops x 10

Cheat Chin Ups x 10

Push Ups x 10

repeat that x 5

If you don’t have a weight for wood chops the alternative would be something that is going to hit pretty much every muscle in your body – like an Up Down or a Blast Off.

All in all that workout hit every muscle in the body – many times over and got the heart rate up big time.

Needless to say when you do a proper workout you don’t have to stuff around for an hour or more like the show ponies that prance around a gym saying ‘look at me’ like they’ve seen one too many episodes of Kath and Kim.

Don’t even need 30 minutes.

Some of my most effective – and favourite – workouts are the ones that only take 10 minutes max to do.

The best thing that showing up this morning is it broke the first excuse – ‘I slept in’.

That’s what separates those who talk a good game and those who actually get what they want.

The lesson is in taking action – despite whatever obstacle is thrown up to try and sabotage you.

Don’t let a lack of time try and convince you that you can’t workout. 5-10 minutes of a high intensity hit out is 500 times better than the alternative.

Cause no one ever solved that big nagging issue that keeps you awake at night by sitting on the lounge…



PS – that Catalyst show I mentioned yesterday was really good. Here it is if you’re interested.

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