This Would Be Nice

Today we’re doing something different 

And as Coolio rapped back in the day

“Come along and ride on a fantasic voyage”

So whatcha waiting for? 

Take my hand,

We’re going on that ride. 

Where we’re going depends on you. 

Where do you want to go?

Maybe your on that holiday you’ve been working towards?

You know the one that’s one of the only reasons why you go to work in the first place? 

The one where you can finally relax. 

So you shut the door on your resort room and head towards the beach across the road. 

You’re actually feeling pretty good about yourself. 

In fact you’re pretty damn proud. 

You notice that you’ve been getting a few sideways glances from people walking past. 

No you don’t have something in your teeth you realise after checking. 

They’re actually checking you out. 

Yes you. 

In fact your partner feels kinda jealous and proud at the same time. 

Pretty sweet hey?

You get to the beach and for the first time in god knows how many years,

You feel confident enough to wear that bikini. 

In fact you’re looking hot. 

And not cause it’s 30 degrees and 85% humidity. 

People are noticing you. 

The women are jealous. 

They want your body.

The men, well they can’t help themselves. 

You look friggen gorgeous. 

And as you’re laying there on the beach, enjoying the sun and that amazing view looking out at the palm trees and waves rolling into the sand you breathe a sigh of relief. 

And are thanking your lucky stars that you pulled the trigger way back at the end of February. 

That you finally worked up the courage to get in touch with that guy and do something about those 5-10kg that had been bugging you. 

The breaking point was those black pants not being able to slide up over your thighs like they used to. 

And you kinda feel like you’re experiencing a bit of deja vu. 

This feels familiar. 

Then you come to the realisation, as your Mai Tai arrives, 

That it was that email you read from Daniel (yep that guy you got the courage to contact) that painted this picture. 

No, I’m not a fortune teller. 

I wish I could predict Tuesdays Oz Lotto numbers. 

But I do know that when you click the link below and answer the next couple of questions, 


That everything you just read can become your reality. 

That fantastic voyage starts here 


PS – Answer these couple of questions in the link below and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to see what we can do for you.



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