This’ll Be A Life Saver

If you’re anything like me, or truer to the point, if you were like I was chances are this’ll be good news.

Happened to come across this report yesterday which made me breathe a sigh of relief.

Cause if your younger years were anything like mine, chances are we’ve both had more than our fair share of huge nights on the drink.

You know the ones where you’re walking home in the daylight passing everyone on their way to work.

Am I right?

Used to think poor suckers.

Now I’m that sucker.

Well not really.

These days I’d much rather be waking up at the time I used to go to bed.

And minus the massive hangovers that used to be a weekly ritual.

You too?

Well I won’t beat around the bush any longer.

You see this professor of neural science and psychology at New York University had some experiences of her own once she started exercise.

She found she became smarter.

Remembered more stuff.

Her attention was better throughout the day (especially on the days she exercised).

And she also found her mood was better

Kinda handy when you’re a professor of smart stuff right?

So she decided to broaden the research.

And found the same things resulted – not just with her but everyone in the study compared to the people who didn’t work out in the study.

Good news right?

So we can start to reverse some of those brain cells we killed off back in the day.

And grow some new ones.

And all we gotta do is some exercise.

I’d say it’s worth it.

And if you’re interested in getting back some of them brain cells that you’ve killed off, 

be in back in the day or even over the Christmas period with too much wine consumed then you should join me for the DPM Accelerate 2016 Transformation program.

For roughly the cost of a good bottle of St Henri you can get your brain cells firing again.

And the other benefits of course.

Like that tummy shrinking, the arms not flapping in the wind as much and those thighs with a little less jiggle.

Sound fair enough?

Click the link here and once you process your paypal payment you’re in!

See you soon


PS – but please don’t join me if you’re one of those who just talk about what they’re going to do. You actually gotta do the work to see the results remember…

PPS – official start date is Monday but you get a head start when you join me today

Click the link here and once you process your paypal payment you’re in!


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