Throwing Toys Outta The Cot

Kinda cool watching a baby take their first steps isn’t it?

The look on their face where you can see them thinking ‘holy crap, I’m actually doing this!’

Brings a smile to my face actually thinking back to when Emily took hers last year.

And the best thing?

Watching them fall over and not cracking it, throwing their toys out of the cot so-to-speak and just get up and try it again.

No fuss.


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Just get up and go again cause somehow they know it will only get easier the more they do it.

These kids really are smarter than us.

We just tend to throw our toys out of the cot, crack it and give up.

So remember last week how I mentioned my plan of losing a couple of winter kgs that found themselves glued to my belly?

Thought I’d give you an update.

Not to brag and say ‘yep all done – look at me’.

Last week wasn’t the perfect week but it was better.

I made the conscious decisions that I knew I needed to make.

The small wins.

Adding in an alcohol free day yesterday so I didn’t have a couple of reds with my steak on the barbie last night.

No midweek wine with dinner to wind down.

Limiting myself to 2 while I watched Parra get pumped on Friday (although that nearly drove me to the drink big time!)

Being smarter with my lunches and not getting lazy – actually taking the time to get the salad ready.

The small wins.

You know what I mean?

Cause they’re the key.

We’re not seeking perfection

Just like me tipping a perfect round in my footy tips it ain’t going to happen.

But better than the week before.

Making progress.

That’s all it needs.

Cause if you’re expecting perfection – especially in that first week back in the saddle – it ain’t gonna happen.

You’re just gonna get pissed off and throw those toys out of the cot and quit.

Just like before.

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