Tried This Weird Trick?

Hate to be the one that makes that obvious comment

“Gee it’s been hot hasn’t it”

So I won’t be that guy.

But last week when I started getting over this continuous muggy and hot weather I had a simple thought.

Stop whinging about it cause in another month or two it’s going to be bloody cold, wet and windy.

No that is not a better option.

So that stopped those thoughts.

And I figured if you’re anything like me,

chances are you’re drinking a lot of water in this weather,

yet nothing seems to hit the sides.

You still are constantly thirsty.

Well, there is one thing that hits the sides pretty damn good

but I can’t exactly be cracking the top off a nice cold one first thing in the morning right?

Seeing as I ain’t 21 anymore.

Probably not a good idea when I’m running a DPM session right?

But this tip might be the trick to help.

It’s a weird one but it helps.

All you gotta do is place a pinch of salt in your water bottle.

Obviously not table salt, but you know the good quality pink rock or sea salt stuff.

Just a little bit is all you need and it’ll help the cells in your body absorb the water better.

Don’t get me wrong, you still get thirsty of course.

It just helps satisfy your body a little better.

And almost as good as the first sip of a nice cold glass on a hot day.

Give it a go.

See if it works for you.

Want to do something else that’l benefit your health?

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It’ll hit the spot and combined with that little salt trick will help you get back in those old favourite jeans you can’t bear to throw away.

Your worth it.


PS – go here and get started now



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