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Sunday morning my ritual is normally to wake up and have some play time with my daughter followed by a workout after she feeds. Now, this workout is never the longest workout by any stretch of the imagination.

My stock standard rule is that it has to be effective, get my heart rate up and be quick i.e. between 10-15 minutes.

And because it is Winter, it has to be in my lounge room meaning it is usually a bodyweight workout.

Yesterday was a perfect example of a workout that hit the spot.

It is simple in theory but in practice it hit the spot and got my heart rate up in no-time.  And today, I know that I have done it that’s for sure.

So, if you are looking for something that is short and sweet – try this

1) T Push Ups x 10

2) Plyometric Jumps x 10

And repeat those 2 exercises for 10 sets through. All in all you’ll do 100 reps of both.

And if  that doesn’t hit the spot and work pretty much everywhere in the body then I will be surprised!

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