Unstoppable Indeed

I don’t know whether you caught any of 60 minutes last night? There was another inspirational and amazing story that was a must share for me in case you missed it.

If you missed the first story I shared a month or so ago on John Maclean this is a must watch and it even dragged a tear out of my eye (yep, I’m an old softie. Either that or there was some dust in it…). Go here if you missed it.

Anyways, last nights story is on someone who you have no doubt heard of if you live here in Australia – Turia Pitt.

Now if you are not sure who I am taking about – Turia was a fit, healthy, young woman who was competing in an endurance race 3 years ago and was terribly burned when the race was irresponsibly allowed to continue despite the raging bush fires that were nearby.

Well, the fire got out of control quickly and she was lucky to survive.

The story on last nights 60 minutes can be found on their website right here¬†and I recommend you watch this as it details not only her amazing spirit and comeback from someone who shouldn’t even be standing here today.

But the unstoppable and definitely most inspirational thing about Turia is how she has stepped up and overcome all her demons – emotional and physical – to become an inspiration for other burns survivors.

Turia had every right to probably be dirty at the world and what it dished up to her.

But she refused to throw in the towel. Despite the 100 plus operations she has had to give her her life. Despite losing her fingers and being so badly burned that she spent years wearing a full body recovery suit.

She gets up and inspires others by giving motivational talks about succeeding despite the obstacles.

And now she has a Great Wall of China challenge to cross off.

This woman should be the Australian of the Year in my book – based on everything she has overcome and has since done. There should be no panel needed to verify that. It should be a given next Australia Day.

By the way, her book, according to my wife is a very good read and is one I definitely have on my to-read list.

So at the very least, watch the 60 minutes episode if you missed it. Unstoppable somes Turia up perfectly.


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