Use The Force

All that anticipation is almost over for the Star Wars nuts.

Just like a virgin on prom night to borrow the old saying.

The hype has been massive for this.

So long as it’s better than the last 3 rubbish films they brought out last decade.

I won’t be lining up at midnight tonight to see it though.

What about you?

Anyways, what I want to share with you today is how Luke Skywalker used the force in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Used it to harness his anger at Old Ben getting knocked off.

Used it for good.

And helped the good guys win.

And today you can do the same.

Just like Luke, this is where the force may be with you for a change.

Unlike conspiring against you this year.

You felt like that too?

Doesn’t matter whether you’ve had a tough run this year.

Looking at the calendar today there’s only 15 days left of the year.

You can cross it off.

And start again.

Use the force for good again.

Not let the dark side get in your way.

Cause good always trumps evil.

Especially in Star Wars.

As of January I now have a morning personal training time slot come up.

It will be on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Time: 7:15-7:45am

Where: flexible and can come to you so long as it’s CBD or no further than Lilyfield.

Want it?

You can find out more info about what you get here


But really, the real thing that you get is having me help you over the line.

Just like Yoda I’ll guide you and provide you with the accountability that you need.

* So you’ll actually do what you said you would do

* So January isn’t just a month of promises and little follow through,┬álike every other year before

Any questions, hit reply now and we can see whether you’d be a good fit for it



PS – want that PT spot? Hit reply now and we can see if you’re the right person for it or click here for more info before you hit that reply button



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