“Wait Until Your Father Gets Home!”

Did you ever cop a hiding back when you were a kid whenever you were in trouble?

The other day I was thinking back to how the worst thing in the world was Mum uttering 6 words that had me shitting myself for the rest of the day.

“Wait until your Father gets home”

I must’ve been a little bastard sometimes.

But one day I figured that if you really pushed mums buttons enough she’d snap and belt you instead.

I was also smart enough to work out that if I wanted her to continue dishing out the floggings I had to fake the tears.

Even told my brother and sister that you had to put the tears on until you left the room then you could laugh.

Sometimes I think I’m going to hell.


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Or Emily is just going to be Mums version of payback for my past sins!

Anyways seeing as you can’t dish out a flogging anymore (lucky for Emily) I figure if I continue to give you a daily nudge with these emails one might hit the spot.

You see, I know the last thing you need is another bloody how to lose weight email.

Cause I know that you already KNOW how to lose weight.

We all know that it ain’t rocket science.

You have access to more information than ever.

You just don’t use it.

So instead of bouncing from one fad diet to the next one

– All the while staying miserable and feeling like a failure

I’ve realised that it isn’t more info that you need.

Far from it.

All you need is that regular nudge, or kick up the backside.

Some support, some motivation, a reason for actually doing what you promised yourself back in January.

And more importantly, the accountability to ensure you actually so what you said you would.

It’s also a bit more of a subtle touch (literally) to getting the belt out and giving you a hiding so-to-speak.

That is the reason why I continue to share these stories and it’s also the reason why I want you to come and join me as part of the DPM group sessions.

No, it’s not your regular ‘bootcamp’ where some muppet prances around with a whistle and yelling at you in his camo pants to do another push up with your face first in the mud.

No, there’s actually another way to do things.

The DPM way.

(Without the belt)


Click the link right here to join me at either the Observatory Hill or Surry Hills morning sessions and lock in your spot so I can see you from Monday (yes times/days are on the page too)

Just scroll half way down the page for the timetable and click the ADD TO CART button at the bottom of the page to lock in your spot based on either 2 or 3 sessions each week.

Any questions or not sure how many you’ll need, reply back and ask me and I’ll reply back to you on Monday.


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