Warning: Speed Bump Ahead

Rather than state the bleeding obvious and be another one to mutter ‘wow, where did January go’ I thought I’d give you this little bit of info that was passed my way by DPMer Greta.

The article was about the speed bump that most people come to after kicking off the year the right way.

By getting  back into regular exercise again and eating better than they were over the break, the kilos start to come down.

Some drop off.

Lucky for them.

For others like you and me, it’s a slow process.

But you start to feel better and all that stuff.

Now the speed hump comes up out of nowhere.

Kinda like that one you only see at the last minute when you’re driving and going a few km’s fast to take it without a massive BUMP.

Just like that speed bump, this one is a bastard too.

This speed bump usually creeps up on you too.

And this one is when your weight loss starts to slow down a little.

Your body gets used to doing what you’ve been doing.

And gets used to eating that little bit less and differently than you were.

So it slows the results.

Sometimes stops it all together.

What a prick hey?

But it happens.


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So what you gotta do to reverse it?


Step it up again.

Put more wood on the fire.

Add in a change to your routine.

Do another session each week if you’ve only been training once or twice a week.

Add some exercises that are a little more intense.

Get yourself working that little bit harder now your body has started to adapt to the new you.

Need help with that?

Lucky for you I’ve got some spaces in some of my morning sessions and I want to help you out.

Available spaces are:

** Monday & Wednesday mornings at Lilyfield – 5:40-6:40am

** Tues and Thursday mornings at Observatory Hill 7:15-7:45am

** Saturday mornings at Observatory Hill 8-9am

So what you waiting for?

NOW is the best time to get cracking.

Click on this link below and select the session frequency that works best for your timetable


See you soon


PS – once you lock in your spot, I’ll be in touch to organise your start date and welcome you on deck – plus hook you up with your detox game plan to get you back on track.



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