What Sydney Bootcamp DPM Performance Stands For

I have had a lot of new people join me over on the DPM facebook page lately which is awesome – so thanks for that.

And, if you haven’t ‘liked’ me yet – you can find a link here.

And I also have had a bunch of people come on board for our Sydney Bootcamp sessions too – so for the benefit of everyone who is new to these neck of the woods I just wanted to give you a bit of a run down on what I, and DPM, stand for – and what you can expect when you begin your weight loss mission with Team DPM.

I’ve put together a short video but I’ll also elaborate further below the video.

12 Big Things That I Stand For

• My philosophy is like Zig Ziglar’s quote “I can have anything that I want provided I give people what they want first” and that’s what I believe. I give you what you want – and I’ll get what I want – which is continued growth in my business by being able to help more people.

• Building a long term relationship with you as a client and have a real interest in you as a person and not just a money transaction. like any gym will do. An interesting fact is that almost half of my clients have been with me for 5-7 years.

• Getting people results in short sessions via my Fatblast method of training.

• Breaking the myth that people need to commit hours and hours to training each week to get results when you can start to see results in as little as 2 x 30 minute sessions each week.

• I believe that you don’t need to pump the body full of crap supplements that do nothing but waste your money in order to get the results you want.

• A focus on real food is what I stand for here at Team DPM. My moto is “Eat Clean: Stay Lean.

• Making people realise how bad wheat and dairy are for their fat loss potential. Take these out and you will succeed.

• I believe in making the most of training in the fresh air when people like you spend all day couped up in an office. Why go to another closed indoor stuffy environment in a gym to get your workout in?

• I believe in making training a fun and enjoyable an environment as can be while still focusing on working hard to get results.

• I want my sessions to be the thing that people look forward to coming to instead of dreading it – some people are in a job they hate and this has to be the one thing they look forward to each day.

• A focus on exercises that get the heart rate up and use multiple muscles at the same time without damaging the body or flaring up any pre-existing condition. You will never do a sit up or crunch at any Team DPM session!

• Unlike other mind numbing programs/classes you will never do the same workout twice in a row. All workouts are planned and optimised to give you variety while providing you with results.

So if you are looking for a fat loss solution that offers any of the above – I would love to see you as part of Team DPM.

In fact I am even willing to invite you to experience your first 23 days of action so you can get a REAL taste for yourself of what Team DPM is all about – for only $7.

Yep $7 for your first 23 days. Come to as many sessions as you like. Start to benefit with real results BEFORE you are asked whether you would like to be a regular, ongoing client.

Does that sound fair enough?

If so, get started here today.

And I look forward to helping YOU become another Team DPM Success Story just like some of the successes below.

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