What Sydney Personal Trainer Daniel Munday Stands Against

So 2 weeks ago I posted about the 13 big things that I stand for as part of my DPM Performance Sydney Boot Camp business. If you missed it you can read it here.

Now it’s time to explain everything that I am against.

The things that you’ll never see as part of a Team DPM session.


• Traditional boot camps where some space cadet wears camo, blows a whistle and yells at people

• Gyms that sell people on a lie and lock them in to long term contracts

• Show ponies that just want to stare at the mirror and check out the hot chick on the treadmill rather than work hard and effectively

• Anything that a nutritionist preaches. If people want results – do the opposite of what they say

• Sit ups and crunches that place even more stress on people who spend their day sitting down and have zero fat loss benefit

• The personal trainer who doesn’t take themselves or their clients seriously – the ones who turn up to sessions like they’ve come from the beach wearing thongs, boardies and a singlet.

• The personal trainer who stands by looking at their phone while their client is doing an exercise with poor form

• The bandwagon personal trainer who just jumps on the latest fad whether it be kettlebells, battle ropes or whatever because they saw someone else do it

• The myth of low fat or fat free foods

• Scammers that push unhealthy detox diets and workout gadgets on people

So if you are looking for a Sydney Personal Trainer that refuses to offer any of the above – I would love to see you as part of Team DPM.

In fact I am even willing to invite you to experience your first 23 days of action so you can get a REAL taste for yourself of what Team DPM is all about – for only $7.

Yep $7 for your first 23 days. Come to as many sessions as you like. Start to benefit with real results BEFORE you are asked whether you would like to be a regular, ongoing client.

Does that sound fair enough?

If so, get started here today.

And I look forward to helping YOU become another Team DPM Success Story


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