What’s The Deal With Bacon?

As was hinted at yesterday, there was a great question from Jenny who asked what i thought of bacon – considering it has a reputation of being bad for you and high in salt and all the other stuff that gets done to it.

Well, I love me a good bit of bacon – but here’s the take home point.

Sure, it may not be the ‘cleanest’ thing you eat all week but put a bowl of breakfast cereal in front of me or a plate of bacon and I’d take the bacon any day.

At least I know that’d fill me up.

Plus it would be better overall.

And you’re more likely to have bacon with some eggs and veggies.

My go-to with bacon is fried eggs, kale, sauerkraut and avo.

So all in all more nutritional value than any breakfast cereal you can find and at least bacon is going to have some protein in it compared to the sugar filled carb hit that cereal gives you.

The smart choice is not to buy the real cheap stuff that is going to have you running to the toilet faster than a dodgy meal in Bali but get the better quality option.

Would I eat it every day though?


Apart from eventually getting sick of it – is that even possible with bacon? – I just think there are other choices that should get the nod ahead of it for a better nutritional punch.

Especially if you’re trying to lose a few kgs.

And it makes the times you do have it even better.

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