Which One Are You?

Meant to send this yesterday but…

This article I came across says there’s 3 types of procrastinators according to psychologists.

(Yep corny joke for the intro right)

1) The thrill seeker. “They procrastinate until the last minute and enjoy the feeling of working against a deadline,” 

2) The avoidant. “They tend to be fearful – they procrastinate to avoid being judged or to avoid success or failure,” 

3) The indecisive. “They tend to be perfectionists and procrastinate to shift responsibility from themselves,” 

Most people who say they want to lose weight and then do nothing about it are going to be # 2’s.

And that’s fair enough.

To some extent.

Cause they’ve tried a few different things before.

Nothing really worked.

They might have joined a boot camp previously.

Only for some muppet in camo to yell at them to do another push up when they haven’t even done one since high school.

Or to do another burpee even it it made you throw up.

I get it.

The struggle is real.

That fear builds up.

“They’re all like that”

“I’ll never join another trainer again”

“They don’t get me”

“It might be easy for them but for me it’s a friggen struggle. I hate exercise”

Yep I get it.

Cause like I’ve shared with you before, truth is these days I don’t even love exercise myself.

Used to.

But I’m getting older.

My body hurts.

But I don’t want to be fat.

I hate that more.

I want to enjoy a nice wine or three and have some chips or a pizza and not worry about whether my arteries are fighting a losing battle and about to pack it in.

Remember, at DPM I hate those muppets.

The other trainers who judge you cause you can’t do a ‘proper push up’

or would rather look at their phone rather than what you’re doing.

I realise that you are only here cause you want to fit into that dress that you can’t bring yourself to throw out.

So we start off slow.

We don’t have to rule the world in a day.

You notice yourself doing more each week.

You start to feel better.

Are those pants getting looser?

Yep. It happens.

Our way.

Want in?

Todays the last day to tell me whether you’re up for joining me at Hyde Park or Observatory Hill for our lunch sessions.

Perfect if you can’t make the mornings cause of school drop offs or whatever.

TIME: 12:15-12:45pm

WHEN: Wednesdays and Fridays – starting next Wednesday Jan 20 (numbers pending)

WHERE: Observatory Hill OR Hyde Park depending on majority rules

Hit reply and tell me you’re in




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