Why bother listening to me?

That’s a pretty fair question to ask.

I mean, if you have just stumbled across this page you probably have no idea who I am and to be honest, the fitness industry is full of wankers (let’s be honest here), people who have no idea and people who just want your cash then onto the next one.

So let me take a minute to give you a bit of inside mail as to why you should trust what I say.

I’ve been running Team DPM since 2005 and most personal trainers are only in the industry for 18 months- 2 years tops. And they’re done.

Or they do it as a part time hobby while working a ‘real job’.

Me, I live and breathe this stuff.

That doesn’t mean I live on lettuce and tuna.

To be honest, I love to eat. And drink. Maybe even more than you? I’m a sucker for a good red and carbed up cheat meals.

Just ask my clients who I took out to lunch on Sunday to celebrate being a part of the 5 Years and Above as part of Team DPM – or the “DPM Lifers”. Some of these have been with me almost since day dot. That’s going back nearly 9 years for some of them!

They joked they didn’t want me to judge what they were eating = and I said so long as you don’t judge me on the pizza and 3 beers I threw down while we were there!

So I can relate to what you’re experiencing and don’t expect you to eat boring rabbit food all the time.

The other reason why you should listen is because when people follow the DPM game plan they get when they come on board – via the 4 Week Express Transformation System.

But it definitely isn’t for anyone. Especially these people:

  • Excuse makers

  • Or people who like the idea of getting back into their skinny jeans but don’t want to try something different

  • Or people who think you need to train for hours and hours each week


You probably wouldn’t fit in.

But that’s cool.

However if you definitely aren’t one of those above 3 types of people then you might just benefit from what info I’ll be sharing with you.

So I’ll share with you 3 things I believe true


  1. I believe that people can achieve results if they are prepared to leave behind any previous beliefs that they have once held true which have resulted in their current situation
  2. I believe that most genuine people generally want to eat healthy and be healthy.
  3. But I believe that lies portrayed to us over the years by government health organisations and space cadet nutritionist have done nothing but contribute to the ever growing obesity epidemic in society.

If you’re keen to get more, unbiased and accurate, tips that separate fact from fiction – and what actually works in the real world – come and join the ride and be sure to sign up for the DPM Skinny Jeans Inside Mail

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