Why Boxing Is An Awesome Sydney Bootcamp Workout

Some of the most popular sessions in my Sydney Bootcamp business are when the good old boxing gloves come out!

Why is boxing so popular?

I’m going to give you 5 quick reasons why boxing is so popular and why you should be looking to include it as part of your bootcamp workouts.

1) Boxing is fun: Boxing is fun because you get to work with a partner. Most people like to do this with a friend or if you train alone it is a good way to meet new friends who train in your group

2) Boxing is effective: Boxing is a super effective interval workout. This means you get the high intensity components when you’re actually on the gloves punching and then it is followed by a recovery period (of sorts) when you are holding for your partner

3) Boxing works every muscle in your body: When you punch the right way (and any person new to boxing in my Sydney Boot Camp sessions gets shown the correct technique before you start) boxing actually utilises pretty much every muscle in your body.

Your power comes from your hips so if you are punching with just your arms and not putting your body behind it you are missing out on most of the benefits (plus you’ll just get really sore arms!)

4) Boxing is a great stress relief: One of the reasons why these sessions are so popular are when people have had a bad day at work or are angry with someone they can take out all of their frustrations on the focus pads and they can then go back to the office without going postal!

5) Boxing is a great fat loss workout: Because boxing gets your heart rate up high when you are punching hard and effectively and because it is considered to be resistance training you are giving yourself a great metabolism boost and cranking up your fat loss potential. Who doesn’t want that?!

There’s just 5 reasons on why boxing should be part of your workout routine.

My sessions that include boxing are my Botany group, my Observatory Hill Thursday morning group and my lunch time Dawes Point group. All venues, days and times are listed here.


Throughout my 7 years of running my business – and the previous 5 working in various hotel and corporate gyms I have unfortunately seen more than my fair share of dodgy personal trainers and terrible boxing technique.

A person holding the focus pads (and this includes personal trainers especially) should NOT be moving and slapping the focus pads towards the puncher. This is only going to hurt the boxers wrists – which is the last thing busy professionals who spend a lot of time on a keyboard need!

I am actually a Punchfit Certified Boxing Trainer – see here for proof. Make sure that your personal trainer if you are not doing DPM sessions is qualified with something similar and not just doing boxing because they think it looks cool.

To take advantage of a special offer that gives you the first 23 days of DPM action for only $7 so you can fully try out my boxing sessions visit here.

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