Why I Don’t Swing

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No, I’m not talking about those special parties you can go to where you throw your keys in the fishbowl (apparently) or that old INXS album.

I’m talking about the exercise which is all the rage with PT’s everywhere.

The Swing.

If you’re not sure what it is it’s where you basically bend at the waist and then thrust a weight up with your arms straight – sometimes to head height, sometimes overhead.

I see pretty much every trainer use it, seemingly cause the other trainer across the road does it too.

But not me.


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Does that mean it’s a bad exercise?

No. Not exactly.

When done correctly that is.

In fact, it can be a bloody great exercise when it’s done right.

The thing is most people who do it shouldn’t be doing it.

Most people that I see do it are the ones who spend all day sitting at a desk.

Their posture sucks to start.

(Now so does mine – I’m up there with the worst slouches in the world.

So I’m not throwing stones in glass houses – just pointing out a valid observation).

And their form sucks.

But it’s no fault of their own.

Their trainers should be fired.

The only people who will be happy will be the physios and chiros who’d be rubbing their hands with glee at the $$$ that will soon be coming their way.

When they swing they bend their back too much – meaning it rounds forward even more than it already does (from the years spent sitting in front of a computer).

It’s not their fault.

They just need a better exercise that’ll hit the same areas – namely the back of your legs and your butt.

My go-to is the Deadlift.

It’s a pearler.

Plus there’s ways to scale it back for a beginner or accelerate the intensity for a more advanced person.

And your butt and thighs will thank you for it.



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