Why I Quit Facebook (Plus How You Can Benefit)

Everyone knows that oversharer on Facebook who has to update their status with a play by play blow of their life.

Not for me.

Some things the whole world doesn’t need to know.

But there are some things the world (or your friends list at least) should know.

And that’s why I used to run a Facebook page for DPM that was open to everyone. To share relevant info that could potentially be that game changer that you’re looking for.

See, every single one of us has something that pushes our buttons.

The one thing that will kick us into action.

Or the one thing, that when added to a current action plan proves the game changer.

And for a while it worked well.

Had a good following and plenty of people saw the updates and benefited from it.

Then Facebook went ahead and changed their algorithms and reduced the reach that each page has.

So basically if you’ve ever wondered why you never see updates from any of your favourite pages/brands that you’ve liked any longer this is why.

They want businesses to pay to play.

Which is all well and good until the brush your advertising account without explanation.

But it is what it is.

I can’t change it and rather than bang my head against a wall I decided on the weekend to pull the pin on the page as it wasn’t having the desired reach that I was looking for any longer.

And no matter how many ‘likes’ a page may have they don’t pay my mortgage each month.

So if you no longer see the page that’s why.

There is however still a closed group that is only for current DPM clients.

If this is you and you want in and haven’t joined yet reply to this and I’ll send you a private invite.

That ends this public service announcement but there’s a link between my Facebook experiences and what you can take out of it.

Everyone has that one thing in our life (at least one thing) that we keep doing time and time again despite it giving us little or no return for the time we put in.

It might even be the time we invest with certain people who just seem to drain the life out of you – you know the energy vampires that seem to suck the life out of a room as soon as they walk in?

It might be the time spent doing certain tasks.

It might be certain workouts that we still keep doing despite the return not being what it should be.

Whatever it is, I suggest taking a look and re-evalute things.

Work out whether the investment is worth the reward.

Cause you can’t get your time back.

Might as well use it productively.



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