Why This Macros Stuff Doesn’t Fit For Me

If you have been around, or following the fitness and fat loss game for a while now, you would no doubt be aware of the gazillion different diet and fitness ideas – and some fads – that have come and gone over the years.

Just to jog your memory we’ve seen Atkins, Zone, South Beach, Lemon Detox, Low Fat, Low Carb, Paleo etc etc etc. Some are good. Some are really, really bad.

The latest one to add to that list that I seem to be seeing everywhere lately is the whole macros thing.

The big acronym is IIFYM – If it fits your macros.

Basically, what this means is you can eat anything you want – yep anything – so long as you are hitting your calorie intake for the day.

Now, while I don’t think this is a bad process to follow – I’m not going to deny that it will work and no doubt give you great results – why it doesn’t fit for me comes down to 3 reasons:

1) It makes people obsessive over food amounts and hunting down calories for absolutely everything. I think it has the potential to be great for someone who is meticulous with absolutely everything they do – and that is cool, some people are like that with everything they do – but the downside is that for this very reason it also has the potential to attract those who are prone to developing an eating disorder. I’m not saying that is going to happen but it could be tip-toeing around dangerous territory for some people. Having to weigh everything and so on.

2) The second thing I don’t like about the protocol is that it would be seriously time consuming. It’s hard enough for some people to slap together a quick stir fry with whatever is left in the fridge when they get home late from work.

I just think it has the potential to be too time consuming. Now I’m sure the converts of this protocol will say that you have to make time and results come with sacrifice and all that stuff.

Yeah I get that.

I just don’t know if it’s the process that I want to follow when I want to drop the couple of kilos that creep on from time to time.

The thing I find from experience is that it can be hard to get some people just to write down what they eat everyday without having to analyse the breakdown of carbs, fat and protein.

I’d rather follow a more simple process to get results.

3) The final thing that I’m not convinced on is the fact that you can eat absolutely anything you like providing it is in your calorie count for the day.

Now while you may lean up in the short term, I like to look at things from a long term perspective – i.e. my long term health. That’s why I don’t like supplements for the most part. Most of them are crap and haven’t been around long enough to show you that there is no need to worry about something coming back to haunt you 10 years from now with a health complaint.

So I still think that you need to eat pretty clean most of the time so that your insides can be as healthy as your outside looks. Call me old fashioned…

Sure, go to town and enjoy your drinks and pizza or whatever but do you need it everyday? And don’t come back at me and say “Oh that’s stupid to say – who does that”. Well, to be honest, walk in to the same food court at the same time of day and you’ll see the same type of people buy the same fast food and coke. It happens everyday.

I guess at the end of the day it comes down to the old you say schedule, i say skedule (obviously not spelt like that but it’s hard to pronounce something in print!) argument. There’s always more than one way to skin a cat but you just have to find the way that works for you.

I know what I like, the step now is for you to find what you like and are comfortable with.

If you like my theories and food recommendations that you see on here – then we might be a good fit. If not, I truly wish you the best with your transformation – and the method you follow.

Cue the haters in 3,2,1…

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