Why You Shouldn’t Join Breakthru

Not going to beat around the bush today.

Only time to write a quick message so lets get straight into it.

Today is the last day to join me on the latest Breakthru Accelerator 6 Week Transformation Game changer.

Once the clock strikes midnight, it’ll be like Cinderella and your chance of joining will be over quicker than your carriage can turn into a pumpkin and your dress back to rags.


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And truth be told it isn’t for anyone with a purse and a pulse.

I’d rather save you the money and the time if you’re not ‘all in’ and ready to follow the game plan 100%.

So if you fit any any of these categories it definitely wouldn’t be for you:

** If you’re looking for a ‘magic wand’ that can miraculously get you back in your skinny jeans without having to do the work

** Are just kinda-sorta interested in losing a couple of kgs – I only want you in if you’re all in and ready to give this your undivided attention

** If your the type who jumps from diet to diet and program to program looking for ‘the one’ that gives you the secret you think is missing

An information collector who likes to read everything while leaving out the executing part

HINT: The secret is usually in the doing of the work

Truth be told, the timing is never right – there’s always something that gets in the way.

The ones that make the change and see the difference are the ones who begin despite every reason not to.

The ones who get things done are the ones who follow the plan without trying to change this or that because it ‘doesn’t suit’

But if that ain’t you, come on board – this 6 weeks will be the game changer you’re looking for.

In 6 weeks those scales can be lighter and your pants looser.

That’s a given.

Provided you’re ready to do the work.

Go here now

Or get Cinderella’d when the clock strikes midnight.

The choice is yours.

This might have come across as blunt but there’s a hidden message in what I’ve written.

Even if you’re not interested in Breakthru, the message in doing the opposite of what those first 3 bullets highlight will get you whatever you want in life.

Seriously – it all comes down to doing the work.

Despite whatever’s on your plate right now.



PS – I can’t guarantee when the next one will be – honestly they take a lot of extra work – so if you’re wanting the extra coaching that can help get you over the line without physically attending one of my sessions this is for you

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