Will You Road Test This?

If you are curious about what we do at DPM but haven’t trained with me before I am looking for 10 people to road test a new

transformation program style.

With Spring only 1 month away this could be perfect timing for you. Even though there is no charge for this it is definitely NOT for everyone. You mustn’t be a tyre kicker, excuse maker or time waster.

More like someone who is sick of where they are now and wants to make a change but doesn’t really know what to do.

If you are keen to be considered as a DPM Beta Tester (where you can get the DPM game plan on the house in exchange for your before and after photos and review) for this game plan please go here and take a few mins to fill out the qualifying questionnaire:

NOTE: You do have to fill out this questionnaire to be considered. That is the first hurdle! If you can’t be bothered to do that I know that you are definitely not a good fit for this system – as you likely won’t be bothered to put the work in to see the results. 

This is only available to people not training with DPM at the moment – because i want to show what it can do to those who are not

doing what i’m doing now.

Not everyone who applies will be accepted. But if you are the right fit this could be your go.

For current DPMers, you’re not forgotten!

If you are looking to kick start things up a notch and need a bit of extra accountability reply back and we are going to work

together to set a challenge that we are going to accomplish over the next 4 weeks and map out the game plan to get it.

That link again if you are interested is right here – it will only take 2 mins.

Applications close tomorrow 12pm – Tuesday August 5  so don’t mess about if you want to be considered.

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