Winter: Don’t Think, Just Get It Done

I can tell you with authority, if you are not out and about before the sun comes up each morning – and also at the other end of the day after the sun goes down – that it is getting cold out there.

Now, I’m sure that doesn’t come across as a lightning bolt of new info to you but I’m just confirming what ¬†you were thinking.

But here’s the deal.

Spring is around the corner. Looking at my calendar now on Monday July 7, 2014 – there are 8 weeks left until September – and warmer weather.

Not long really is it?

So that brings to mind – how do you want to look in those 8 weeks? Surely not hiding your body underneath extra layers despite the weather heating up.

In this short video I give you some inside tips to get back in the saddle even if it is cold. It is what I do each day when my alarm goes off and I reckon it could be a winner for you too.

So, do you think it’s worth a shot?

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