With Apologies To Jay Z…

If you’re having weight problems I feel bad for you hun,

I’ve got plenty of clients but these are just some…


So okay maybe I won’t be dropping my new album anytime soon.

But I always had a secret dream to become a rock star when i was a kid

That and a footy player.

Cause of course you can do both right?

Anyways that poor play on 99 problems was a way to get across some awesome things that a bunch of DPMers have accomplished this year.

And I thought being the last week of training for the year was a perfect time to publicly recognise them.

Not everyone has lost weight.

Sure, most have.


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But there’s been some other pretty significant numbers and achievements too.

So here’s a plug for those who’ve busted their arses this year to do something positive for themselves:

Philippa Spencer Carr – dropped a bunch of weight to be in the best shape of her life despite running around after a bunch of kids

Eris Hess and Al Tegart who nailed their first ever Trail walker – thats a lazy 100km straight walk

Kara Mouyis who not only managed trail walker but a bunch of other distance walks too

Lota Estole – who joined DPM 2 months ago and dropped a bunch of weight since

Amanda Younan who got married just 2 weeks ago and dropped heaps of weight in the process this year to look amazing 

Eliza Hausler who dropped a bunch of kgs too. 10-12kg from memory

Dominique Vagi who conquered some pretty big health set backs to get back into a regular exercise routine 

Bryce Mortensen who trekked Kokoda Trail for Anzac Day

Sorry to anyone who I’ve missed but I think I’ve covered most big achievements.

Any of those sound like something you’d be keen on crossing off your bucket list?

Or you have something else you want to cross off?

Answer these couple of questions in the link below and I can lock in your start date for first week back in January. 


And I’ll even shout you some home workout programs to keep you ticking over until then. 

PLUS you’ll also receive my 3 Day Detox Diet book posted out to you. 

So you’re ready to hit the ground running come January. 

Or get a pretty damn good headstart now! 

Go to the link below now, take 2 minutes and answer the questions so I know what you want 




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